KAMALIA- Prolonged and unscheduled power cuts, being conducted in this scorching heat, not only have made the lives of citizens miserable but also left most of the craftsmen and power loom workers jobless.

According to a survey conducted by this correspondent, people are suffering great ordeal due to unscheduled power outages as the Fesco has started 14 hours of loadshedding in the city while situation in rural areas is worse than that where loadshedding of 18 hours is being conducted. “Unscheduled power outages also created scarcity of water and people even in the mosques do not find enough water for ablution to offer prayers,” they regretted.

They pointed out that the traders and workers are the worst hit of the outages whose business depends on the uninterrupted supply of electricity and most of the craftsmen and power-loom workers have been rendered jobless. Industry workers in different parts of the city protested against unscheduled outages and demanded the authorities concerned to look into this grave condition and resolve their problem.

PML-N City President Haji Muhammad Zakaria Rahmani said that unscheduled load shedding has reached its peak in Kamalia city, adding that the outages also hit industrial output and industrialists are appealing to the government to save them from collapse. He said that the loadshedding, being conducted only in Kamalia city and surroundings, is also adding to patients’ miseries at the hospitals. He warned that if the unscheduled power outages are not stopped, traders would observe a complete shut down in Kamalia city.