KHANEWAL-Khanewal district consists of four constituencies of the National Assembly and eighty of Punjab Assembly with electoral contestants belonging to Haraj, Daha, Syed, Chaudhry, Arain, Jat and Khaga families.

Four NA constituencies have been allocated by the ECP for Khanewal district which are as follows: NA-150 Khanewal-I (formerly NA-156 Khanewal-I), NA-151 Khanewal-II (formerly NA-157 Khanewal-II), NA-152 Khanewal-III (formerly NA-158 Khanewal-III) and NA-153 Khanewal-IV (formerly NA-159 Khanewal-IV). Under each NA constituency, there are two Punjab Assembly seats for general elections 2018.

Deputy Commissioner/Chief Monitoring Officer Ashfaq Ahmad said that as per the new census, total population of the district is 2,921,986 while total votes are1,597,719 - 897252 males and 700,467 females. For the polling of 4 NA seats and 8 PP seats the total number of polling stations (revised) will be 1375, initially this figure is 1297 as published by Election Commission of Pakistan.

Out of 1297, a total of 182 polling stations are declared as sensitive, he said and added that out of 1375 polling stations, 349 declared A Category while 844 declared B and C category. He further added that district admin was making efforts to install 1,456 CCTV cameras at all polling stations especially in 182 sensitive stations of the district. The NA-150 constituency has PP-203 and PP-204 seats. The total population of the constituency is 730,076, the number of valid votes is 380,605 -- 214541 male and 166064 female voters.

Total population in NA-151 Khanewal-II is 758,171 while the number of valid votes is 404,946 - 226913 male and 178033 female. Likewise, the population of NA-152 which has PP-207 Khanewal-V and PP-208 Khanewal-VI seats is 705,021. The number of valid votes is 401277 - 225655 male and 175622 female.

The fourth constituency is NA-153 Khanewal-IV with two seats of PP-209 and PP-210.

The total population of the constituency is 728718 while the number of valid votes is 410891 -- 230143 male and 180748 female.