LAHORE: As many as 27 students of visual arts from the Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) displayed their final thesis work, inspired by a vast variety of subjects, at the Alhamra Arts Council on Tuesday.

LWCU, Assistant Professor of visual arts, Sadia Murtaza said that the exhibition showed not only the creative skills achieved during four years but also represented uniqueness of each student. The show was an amalgamation of aptitude and affectability with the strong rendering of different subjects.

There was a great deal of diversity in the work of students belonging to different cultural backgrounds and places. A number of students, their relatives, friends and artists came to see the thesis show. 

Maham Amjad’s thesis was based on family connectivity and strong relationships with parents. Speaking about her work, Maham said, “I capture my emotions and attachments with family members. Mostly, these paintings present that parents and elder sibling prove a kind of support for the younger members to get happiness, satisfaction and strength in their lives.”

“I stand on this phenomenon that without parent’s criticism and support one can’t be successful,” she further added.

Fakeha Zafar’s work revolves around little objects. She said, “my thesis is based on the concept which narrates the importance of minute’s objects relevant to our routine life.”

“The dresses, piece of jewelry, pets, gifts from the friends or even little time we spend with friends and loved ones, all are the part of the fabrication of happiness in our life,” she added.

“My paintings represent with minute details of different part of the composition mostly in black and white and some striking tones make them interesting for the viewers,” she concluded.