Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recently used a plane of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for a private tour. 

According to the sources, "DG CAA, Ghulam Hussain, took a group of friends for a special tour of Nanga Parbat on a PIA plane." 

Sources further added, "The tour took place as passengers waited for the plane’s arrival at Skardu airport for their scheduled flight."

Moreover, it is reported that a senior director of PIA provided the plane for the tour.

They added, "Giglit-Baltistan senior minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) member Muhammad Akbar Taban was among the guests on-board the plane for the special tour."

As a result, passengers protested against the authorities' behaviour and splashed out at DG CAA when the plane finally landed at Skardu airport after a delay of hours. 

Furthermore, special arrangements were also made for the plane guests at Skardu airport.

Sources claimed, "A bathroom of the Skardu airport was assigned for guests and passengers who spent thousands of rupees on purchasing PIA tickets were not allowed to enter them."

The Nanga Parbat tour which cost the PIA millions of rupees took place despite mounting liabilities.