Dedicated leaders lay-down deep foundation to build-up their country, form visionary policies for its progress and prosperity of the people. They make great efforts to unify the people, consolidate them and transform into a disciplined powerful nation to compete with global nations. Pakistan has been ruled for a long-time by the two political parties and this system is restricted to two-families only. Therefore the dynasty rule must be abolished. It is a historic fact and the entire nation is witness that during the long period of their rule, they have criminally neglected public interests and wrecked national institutions. Moreover, the political parties and the politicians, under the umbrella of parliamentary system of their rule have not only abused the system but also corrupted it.

Therefore it is as a result of these vision-deficient leaders that the country is today facing ahead grave dangers of economy-collapse, unending energy crisis, population explosion. Moreover the nation is sitting over the volcano of grave water shortage.

Wise nations try to learn lessons from their past mistakes but our vision-deficient leaders, political parties keep repeating the blenders of the past. Continuous, repeated, national elections is therefore the best and most essential option for Pakistan.

The national economy is the backbone of the country. Sound-economy of it indicates capable-leadership, satisfactory development and progress in the right direction. In Pakistan unfortunately, none of these indicators are visible. According to the international conspiracy against Pakistan, India in collaboration with its allies and under a modern warfare strategy this time has declared and launched an “Economy war” against Pakistan.

Destroy Pakistan’s economy both from outside by overloading its economy under the burden of heavy loans, and from within through a proxy war of terrorism, political instability and by creating multiple serious challenges of water, energy and destroying its industrial net-work due to energy shortage.

Grave danger is therefore ahead for Pakistan and next government. Under such a precarious national economy situation and unfavourable circumstances, improvement of national economy should be the top priority and on war footings for the next elected government of Pakistan.

Every government of Pakistan is aware that millions of Pakistanis including renowned scientists, competent doctors, engineers, journalists, economist and polished capable Ex-diplomats are working and living abroad. They are a great and valuable asset for Pakistan, contribute and support the national economy. In addition they are playing a tremendous role in running and supporting multiple visible and invisible charity organisations in Pakistan and always come to rescue Pakistan in times of natural disasters.

As a first step, the next elected government should therefore declare an “Economy Emergency”, take bold steps and drastic decisions, postpone unnecessary mega-projects and form constructive visionary national policies to improve its economy. Moreover government should not forget the Pakistanis abroad and invite them for their good suggestions and steps to be taken for the improvement of our economy. Government would surely get a strong positive response.

Pakistan is naturally an agricultural country for which excessive water, cheap energy, subsidised agricultural related machinery and other necessities are an integral part and our main political parties have failed to provide these facilities to the farmers. They have criminally neglected to build new dams in the country for the further growing requirements of the people.

The ruling Prime Minister of India, Mr. Modi, has clearly declared that he rejects any Sindh-Tas water international agreement with Pakistan, he would divert all rivers, waters entering Pakistan and is determined to convert Pakistan into a desert in future. He has therefore already built multiple dams.

In response to Mr. Modi’s treat, the political leaders of Pakistan should have been alarmed long before, taken notice of this and smelled India’s dangerous goals and designs against the integrity Pakistan. All political parties should have joined together immediately, and decide with consensus to build big-dams and big reservoirs but they failed to agree and decide to build dams.

The short sighted political parties of Pakistan are living in fools-paradise. Time has now come for them to feel the public pulse, read the expressions of anger visible over the faces of people against them and should now stop political juggleries, befooling public and black mailings. Construction of big dams has now become a national issue.

It is encouraging however that the honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan reading correctly the current political mess and failed ruling Government in the country and realising and foreseeing the grave danger of water shortage ahead for Pakistan has decided to take a Suo-Moto action to solve this national issue.

Therefore, the national media of Pakistan is appealed to play its role in resolving this issue. At the world forums, the Indian powerful effective lobbies in USA and Europe are trying to target Pakistan, and label it responsible for the global terrorism.

In order to encounter this international propaganda against Pakistan in periling situation a competent Foreign Minister and establishing an effective strong lobbing system in USA and U.K with financial help and the suggestions of Pakistan’s abroad is an important “required-option” for Pakistan.

May Ali-Mighty, get Pakistan rid of PARASITES Inshallah.


The writer is a senior citizen, who  has served the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudia-Arabia. At present, he is working as a medical specialist in a charity medical centre.