With exception of Quaid-e-Azam and former PM Liaquat, every politician of repute or ill-repute, have had their children inducted in politics. While founding fathers of this country used platform of politics to serve people and finally succeeded in creating a country where Muslim majority could live in peace and dignity with members of other faiths, these new entrants who entered politics during tenure of military dictator Ayub Khan, after he barred politicians under EBDO, have been involved in destroying Pakistan economically. These traders in politics have gone from rags to riches, and in collaboration with corrupt paid public office holders have been involved in institutionalized corruption, patronizing land and drug mafia and harboring criminals, bringing country to verge of technical insolvency.

These beneficiaries of hereditary politics nurtured in a political environment dominated by cronies and sycophants, are devoid of humility which is a virtue in politics and instead adopted arrogance which has become a liability for them, once out of power. Politicians have to rise on merit, make a place for themselves and strive to earn respect and trust of their constituents through serving them and winning their hearts and minds, unlike dictators who use threats and intimidation. Almost every political party is infected with these arrogant scions of their political fathers who considered political office as if it were a hereditary physical asset. Years of abuse have driven people of Pakistan to desperation who today are devoid of basic health, medical facilities and security of life which existed till late 70s. There is a visible awakening amongst citizens who witness opulent lifestyle of ruling and paid elite and have seen them go from rags to riches while citizens live in depravity.


Lahore, June 25.