KARACHI - Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal President Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that he would not tolerate any intervention from the America or Jewish, saying that now only the system of Quran and Sunnah will rule in the country.

Addressing a public gathering of the MMA at Bagh-e-Jinnah here Sunday night, Fazl said the rulers had tried to bring West’s lobby in Pakistan but clerics of all sects denied the same. The people should admire of religious scholars and clerics who have been fighting against anti-Islamic forces.

The MMA supermo was of the view that past governments had made every citizen of the country slave of the IMF and World Bank. He said that Pakistan’s external debts have increased big times due to poor decisions of the past governments.

Lambasting the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government in Khyber Pakhtunkwa, Fazl said that it had increased the debts of the province to Rs 350 billion. When we left the power in 2008, the province’s debt was Rs 80 billion and that too was ‘returnable’.

“Karachi had been hub of massacre as the people were divided on ethnic and sect basis here. It is the basic responsibility of the state to protect life and property of the people,” he added. The MMA’s second-in-command and the Jamaat-e-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Huq once again vowed to make Pakistan an Islamic and welfare as per the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. “This is the alliance of Islamic ideology, saying that would struggle till their last breath for implementing Islamic system in the country.

Siraj was of the view that Pakistan needed an honest leadership that can resolve its issues sincerely and without taking any dictation from America. The solution of every problem of the country including corruption lies in the message of Quran.

He said that after coming into the power, the MMA would implement uniformed education system for all where the children would be educated in real manner. “Our electoral symbol is book and we want the same in the hands all children. We would spend biggest amount of our budget on education as per our vision.”

Taking a jab at the PTI, Siraj said they claim of bringing change in the country by including former members of the Paksitan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz in their ranks. How would they bring change now as they had failed to do anything in their old parties?

Siraj also criticized other parties for coming to Karachi during elections, asking them where were they at the time when Karachi was bleeding, referring towards the deteriorating law and order of the city. It was religious parties that stand still against evil forces in Karachi as the city belongs to Islamists.

 “Only the MMA could bring revolution in the country and once again make Karachi the city of lights’

Owais Shah Noorani of the Jamiat Ulema Pakistan-Noorani group said they would change this system through ‘ballet’ not with ‘bullet’, reminding that thousands of people were killed in the city’s massacres in last three decades. Noorani said that those who were getting the city’s mandate through ‘rigging’ had done nothing for its betterment and gave a culture of packed-sacks, target killing and extortion. “They have become millionaire through selling the city’s water and destroying Karachi Development Authority for their own interest,”

Moulana Rahsid Soomro of the JUI-F said that the situation is not different in interior part of the province where he maintained the corruption is on the rise. “The PPP government had plundered 1500 billion rupees during its tenure,” He said that the people are being provided sewerage-mixed water.

Allama Arif Wahidi, Moulana Ghafoor Hyderi and others also spoke on the occasion.