The much-awaited book of Reham Khan is finally out and it has already made it to the Amazon top-selling books in just a few days. The reason for its good numbers of selling is Imran Khan as most of the pages in the books are written on Imran Khan’s drug addiction and a difficult relation as a wife with him. The book became controversial before its launch as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf accused Reham Khan of being used by PML-N in a bid to undermine Imran khans’ political popularity. Hamza Ali Abbasi was very vocal against the release of the book and he termed it as a conspiracy. Many of the PTI followers and supporters still believe that this book has no substantial truth and Reham Khan is trying to depict Imran Khan as a drug addict who is driven by the lust for sex and power. For them, it is an effort to take away the conservative and religious vote bank from Imran.

However, if you read the book it is not the case. Reham's book starts with her early life and her first marriage. She eloquently explains the torture she went through the period of her first marriage where her husband used to torture her both emotionally and physically. It is actually brave of her to talk about what most of the women go through and simply accept the violence from their husbands and in-laws just to somehow survive the marriage. The book actually gives good revelations about how Reham thinks of the world from her angle and it gives you a glimpse of how many mountains you have to move as a woman in our society to live a life of own choice. The controversial chapter starts when Imran Khan is being discussed, his entry in Reham's life is quite dramatic, a man dejected with the failure to topple the government through the agitation finds refuge in women who like her is also broken from inside but somehow manages not to show it to the world. The marriage of Reham and Imran Khan was not liked by Imran’s sister, neither it was announced publicly as Imran was pretending to make a new Pakistan through the agitation those days. 

According to Reham, Imran sniffs more than 6 grams of cocaine a day and in his hallucination, he seeks pleasure in sexual activities. While many of the PTI followers do not believe it that their Ideal Imran Khan can do it, very well informed person already knew that Imran is using cocaine for long. It was a former Pakistan test cricketer Qasim omer who in 1980s first alleged that Imran Khan was sniffing cocaine, at that time no one believed him. Qasim Omar is still alive and he can give a testimony in this regard. Regarding Imran khan's lifestyle of a playboy, there are no doubts as he is already famous for flirting with the women. From Indian actress Zeenat Aman to Sita White we have seen and read it all. Reham also discusses the daughter of Imran Khan Tyrian White and of course, we all know that she is Imran’s daughter living with his ex-wife Jamima. What Imran do is for sure a personnel matter and if he sniffs cocaine or has a playboy lifestyle it is none of the anybody business in a normal routine. But when you use religion as a tool, and you claim that you are the saint and all your opponents are ethically and morally corrupt, then it does not remain the personnel matter. How on earth a person cannot dare to accept his daughter just to appease the right wing vote bank is something that can never be forgiven as Tyrian has no fault neither she deserves a life where her father is not willing to accept her publicly. Imran’s addictions with drugs and alcohol can be proven wrong if he is ready to give a dop test and he should do it at the earliest to prove Reham wrong and come clear of all the allegations.

Reham has also highlighted the relationships of Imran Khan with his friend Moby and Zakir Khan (The ex-test cricketer). Imran’s blind faith in peers for grabbing power and of course his hate for the critics. Reham wrote that Imran Khan once told not to criticize him like Talat Hussain. We all know that Talat Hussain is a gem of a journalist who never compromises on the professional integrity and principles of objective journalism. This revelation actually shows that Imran Khan dislikes people who question his decisions and policies. She also mentions that Imran Khan does not like Haroon ur Rashid a tv commentator who eventually is a die-hard supporter of Imran Khan and PTI. There is immense inside information of the other members of the PTI and their private and public stance.

Since, the book highlights the weak points of the blue-eyed boy of the establishment and the darling of the media, it has not got the attention of the media it deserves in Pakistan. The same sort of book written by Tehmina the ex-wife of Ghulam Mustafa Khar 'My Feudal Lord' was given an extra coverage at the time of its release a few decades ago because that book suited the larger interests of the Power chess board players. Coming back to Reham's book it is not all about Imran Khan it is about a woman who has the courage to pen down the events of her life without any hesitation and without fearing the consequences. She may be disliked by the blind followers of the PTI, but for the regular book readers, this book has a lot to offer.

Of course, it is not a classic like George Orwell's The Animal farm or Dostoveskyes crime and punishment, but once you start reading it you cannot resist the urge to finish it as soon as possible. Reham should be given a credit for expressing the cruelest moments and events in such a delicate manner that one almost feels the intensity and the feelings of the characters of the story. After all, we all have the dark sides which we hide from the world. From the critic point of view Reham should have avoided discussing Imran Khan’s s lust for pleasuring activities, but then after all, it is up to the writer that what she wants to express.

The book is highly recommended to the critical thinkers and especially the women who have to suffer the violence from the men in a male-dominated society. For PTI lovers it is advised not to read the book as it will disappoint them badly. For the male chauvinistic people, it is not digestible. All in all, 4 out of 5 for the effort Reham Khan produced.