I have seen lots of current affair articles in your newspaper which has gained a wide spread coverage in our society and are tried to be resolved or given awareness about to people. 

The deterioration of The Indus Water treaty by India is the main cause of water shortage in Pakistan. Moreover other factors such as global warming and climate change is also the key factor of running water level down. Poor climate conditions and hottest summer days because of negligence in building proper infrastructure and no forest system in Pakistan has also caused low rainfall as a reason of which rivers and dams doesn’t reach to its highest levels. It is estimated that by year 2025 Pakistan may face water shortage of 33 MAF, and as the population is rapidly rising the estimated figure may double. Moreover the depletion of water in rural areas may worsen the situation. 

The water shortage problem is threatening the economy and has led to the catastrophic situation which needs to be solved now before it’s too late. I request all your readers to please come forward and join hands to plant more trees in our country and make the sea and rivers clean and bring environmental friendly ideas in their work environment so that we can build a healthy natural atmosphere, which would bring rainfall cycle back to the country and help our river systems to flow atleast. Further I must say that we could not completely rely on the government so first we need to start from our own homes and areas to leave an impact further. 


Karachi, June 24.