RAWALPINDI - Awami Muslim League Chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Monday said that the country would face turmoil if elections were delayed.

He also expressed fear of low turnout in the election and asked the people to come out from their houses on July 25 to avoid the formation of a hung parliament and help Imran Khan to form the government. He claimed that the next government would be formed by PTI Imran Khan and him but there was a need of the people’s support, otherwise, a hung parliament would be formed which will not deliver.

Addressing a press conference, he urged the people to come out of their homes on July 25 to cast their votes in favour of them for bringing about a change in the country.

He said that the economy of the country was collapsed, adding they had a plan to bring investment into the country and improve its economic condition. “PML-N’s 80 per cent voters will give vote to me and Imran Khan in two constituencies of Rawalpindi, and most of the union councils’ chairmen of PML-N have also assured their support to me,” he claimed.

About election campaign, the AML leader said that he was running one sided election campaign as his opponent did not run any election campaign in the city and failed to hold any public meeting.

“We have prepared a special motorcycle worth Rs15,000 for the election campaign in the city and election campaign will be run on motorcycle,” he said. “Imran Khan will arrive in Rawalpindi on July 22 and address the people at Liaquat Bagh. He will make speech at 11:30 pm after coming from Karachi public meeting,” he gave the schedule of last public meeting.

He said that last public meeting of the election would be held on July 23 at Liaquat Bagh also. He said that all workers and supporters would prove that Rawalpindi belonged to him and Imran Khan.