LAHORE: A group of students from Thailand, Spain, UAE, KSA, Malaysia, Cameroon, Croatia, Oman, Austria, Switzerland, Yemen, Ghana and Indonesia visited Lahore Arts Council on Tuesday on their visit to Pakistan.

The international students shared their experience of first-ever visit to Pakistan and declared it as a beautiful and peaceful country. The students were given a short tour in different sections of Alhamra.

LAC Executive Director Capt Atta, while speaking with the students, shared his thoughts about Pakistan. He said that the youth had an important role to play in every field as they were the future leadership.

“It is the key objective of LAC to promote the culture of Pakistan and convey a peaceful message to the audience across the globe,” he said adding that, “I hope when you people return back to your countries, you will present a better and positive image of Pakistan.”

Talking to this scribe, assistant manager NUST, Awais Dhillion said, “These students will visit northern areas and historical landmarks to get acquainted with the beauty and culture of Pakistan. They will also be engaged in sports and entertainment activities through students clubs and societies at NUST.”

“They are in Pakistan for the summer internship program of 4-8 weeks and will work in their preferred area which includes engineering, IT, applied sciences, management sciences, natural sciences, social sciences & humanities, art, design and architecture,” he added.

Tuba Mansoor, a student from UAE said: “I have only been to Karachi and this is my first time in Lahore. I just love this place; people are very humble and today I realized Pakistan has a rich culture which people in abroad are unaware of.”

Another student, Adasa Nkrumah from Ghana said, “I am doing PHD from China. This is my first visit to Pakistan and I am enjoying every moment. When I will go back to my homeland I will tell the people in my country that Pakistan is a peaceful country and it is a heaven which needs to be explored.”