In the present scenario, most of the countries in the world are poor and corrupt. Pakistan is one of them. Here, corruption is at a peak in every department. Due to this, most of the residents are living below the poverty line without their fundamentals rights required for their survival.

So, it is very fortunate for us that NAB is active against corruption, which is playing a massive role in Pakistan. NAB is a department free from any restrictions from government or inter-governmental sides and can do investigations or inquiry against those people whose names are mentioned in blacklists. In the process, many big politicians are kept in the prisons (jail ) such as Asif Ali Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, etc.

Apart from this, if the NAB accomplishes its investigations and inquiries labor against corrupt people bringing their looted money back, Pakistan will be independent of the current economic crisis and can acquire faster economic growth. Fortunately, the current PTI government is giving more facilities to the NAB to abolish and cut the corruption from roots.

Thus, it is my humble request to residents of Pakistan to show their power and help NAB fight against corrupt people.