ISLAMABAD-Pakistan Medical and Dental Council is divided over conducting the members meeting after few objected on registering honorary degree of one of the colleagues in violation of rules, officials said on Tuesday.

“President has called the meeting but members are divided to attend it,” said the official.

Official sources said that PMDC had registered the honorary degree of one of its member Dr Amir Bilal on which rest of the members had raised objections declaring it an act against rules and regulations.

Acting registrar PMDC, Dr Sitara had also admitted before the Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services (NHS) that PMDC did not have the mandate of registering honorary degrees. She had stated that the degree of Dr Amir Bilal was awarded by CPSP, but PMDC had registered it. The Senate body taking notice of the issue had called detailed explanation on registering of honorary degree to one of its members.

Officials told The Nation that two of the members had expressed severe reservations on registration of the degree, while the council is mulling to de-notify their membership in the upcoming meeting.

“Earlier the meeting was to be held to 25th of this month, but it was called earlier to save the skin of few blue eyed members of the council,” official said.

Official also said that some of the members are even not in the country but the meeting has been called to take favourable decisions in absence of the members who can raise objection on the decisions taken.

President PMDC Dr Tariq Bhutta while talking to The Nation said that there was no need to register the honorary degree and the council will look into the matter in the meeting held today. He said that the honorary degree was awarded by the CPSP. He denied that no member of the council was being de-notified, while he also didn’t receive resignation of any of the member.

Dr Tariq Bhutta also said that the meeting was going to be held as a large number of issues were on its agenda.

According the PMDC Ordinance 2019, the council is comprised of 3 members of civil society nominated by Prime Minister from amongst nationally recognized philanthropists, professionals, four members being one faculty members from one clinical faculty of public medical college or university, from each province nominated by the professional or relevant government of the respective province or territory.

Four members being one faculty member from the basic science faculty of any public medical college or university, from each province, are nominated by professional or relevant government of the respective province or territory.