HAFIZABAD-Hafizabad city and suburbs received torrential rain Tuesday afternoon which fully exposed the efficiency of the Tehsil Municipal Administration and other department concerned.

All the city roads turned into pools due to rainwater accumulated caused by malfunctioning of sewerage system, and overflowing drains. Most of the localities in the city were inundated with rainwater and sewage, causing multiple problems for the citizens. The rainwater and sewage entered houses in all the low-lying localities in the city, rendering the lives of inhabitants absolutely miserable. The TMA officers/officials were only making lip-service, and they miserably failed to tackle the situation. The locals have called upon the TMA and district administration to install more sucking motors at the disposal wells to ensure proper functioning of the sewerage system in the city to save the citizens from unnecessary hardship and mental agony.

Meanwhile the CBA Union Municipal Committee Hafizabad has called upon the authorities to ensure provision of requisite equipment to the sanitation staff for providing better hygienic conditions in the city.

The office-bearers of CBA said that they have brought to the notice of the administration regarding lack of different equipments and vehicles to lift filth and garbage and proper desilting of open drains but the authorities have so far failed to provide the requisite facilities to them. They demanded that the scavengers should be provided all sorts of equipments and vehicles shortly otherwise it would be impossible rather difficult for them to dispose of offal and remains of sacrificial animals on Eid-ul-Azha. They also demanded recruitment of more sweepers keeping in view the expansion of the city and increase in the population over the years for ensuring better sanitary conditions in the city.



A 14-year-old boy in Nahrianwala village was allegedly assaulted by three fiendish youths of the same village. The police registered a case against accused, namely Rehmat Ali, Mazhar Sanaullah and Zeehsan. According to a police source, the accused lured the boy to nearby fields where they allegedly assaulted him.