New Chairman FBR Javed Ghani has ordered transfers and postings at high level in FBR following assumption of charge of his office. According to sources FBR’s Member Policy Admin and Strategic Planning has been changed.

Dr. Hammad Attiq Sarwar has been expelled from his post as Part Approach. Chaudhry Muhammad Tariq has been designated as Part in arrive FBR.

Bakhtiar Muhammad has been named as Part Admin FBR, though Hafiz Muhammad Ali has been designated as Part HRM FBR.

Anbreen Iftikhar has been appointed as Member Reforms FBR, Dr. Faiz Elahi Memon as DG SR, Dr. Lubna Ayub as Chief Commissioner RTO Quetta.

Sajid Ullah Sadeeqi has been appointed as DG Retail Islamabad, whereas Dr. Aftab Imam has been appointed as Chief Commissioner CRT Karachi.