LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar Thursday announced to establish a 100-bed hospital in Turbat and community centre in Taftan by the Punjab government and also presented Rs 01 billion cheque to Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan for execution of the projects.

Addressing a gathering of tribal elders during a visit to Pashin, the Chief Minister said that both the projects will be the symbols of interprovincial harmony and brotherhood.

“We are one and those engaged in sowing the seeds of bitterness will be disappointed. We don’t make tall claims but perform practically. Balochistan is my second home and I will again visit this province”, the CM observed.

He told the gathering that both the projects were a gift of Punjab for the people of Balochistan. “The development of Balochistan is a gateway to the prosperity of the country and the Punjab government is offering different projects to help solve the problems of the people of Balochistan”, he further stated.

Buzdar said the journey of development will be continued under the leadership of the Prime Minister.

He said such visits were necessary to promote national unity. He said the services of CM Jam Kamal were praiseworthy for the development of Balochistan.

CM Balochistan thanked Usman Buzdar saying that this gesture of the Punjab government will prove a milestone in the promotion of interprovincial harmony.

He also lauded Usman Buzdar’s services for the promotion of interprovincial harmony . “We will together work to ensure better services to the people and to solve their problems. We will execute such exceptional work to be an example for the coming government”, he said.


A delegation of PTI leaders led by Zahoor Agha and Sardar Khadim Wardak called on Chief Minister Usman Buzdar in Quetta and discussed matters of mutual interests.

The CM invited them to visit Punjab and reiterated that the development of Balochistan was dear to him. The country will move forward when Balochistan will progress, he added.

“I have brought a message of brotherhood from Punjab and our joys and sorrows are common.  The country cannot tolerate any unrest and it is the time to move Pakistan forward”, Usman Buzdar remarked.

He maintained the elements engaged in negative politics had no future and critics were following a specific agenda of protecting personal interest.

He warned that no hurdle will be allowed in the journey of public service under the leadership of PM Imran Khan.


Buzdar called on Governor Balochistan Amanullah Khan Yasinzai at Governor’s House and discussed different matters.

The Governor stated that Usman Buzdar was playing a commendable role by bringing the people of both the provinces closer and his passion for solving the problems by interacting with the people was worth following.

He asserted that promotion of interprovincial harmony and cooperation was the need of the hour.

Buzdar said that people of Punjab and Balochistan had passions of love and affection for each other. “I feel happy to visit Balochistan as I am always greeted with the passion of love”, he said.

He added that patients from Balochistan province will also be treated in DG Khan Institute of Cardiology and announced that rescue emergency service will be provided for their shifting.

Similarly, he added, trade and industry will be promoted and a proposal of setting up industrial zones at the border of Balochistan and Punjab was being reviewed.

Punjab has started different projects in Balochistan as a gesture of goodwill, he added.


International Newspaper ‘Gulf News’ has acknowledged excellent governance of Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar and has written that less talkative CM Usman Buzdar believes in deliverance work instead of making mere gossips.

The Newspaper further complimented that Usman Buzdar is a practical manifestation to do more work and talk less.

CM has dedicated his day in and day out for ensuring welfare of the masses and his tweets speak volumes of his continuous endeavours to bring about progress in the Punjab province.

Gulf News also commended that the steps taken by CM Usman Buzdar during outbreak of coronavirus are praiseworthy.

It also appreciated that Usman Buzdar undertook a timely decision to extend lockdown across the province in order to impede the spread of coronavirus. Electronic NOCs are being issued without any hassle to facilitate business in the province and the efforts of Usman Buzdar with regard to enforcement of e-governance reforms are highly appreciable. The Gulf News also lauded Usman Buzdar’s policy for the provision of flour at subsidized rate for the year 2020-21 and applauded that provision of wheat to the flour mills owners by the government will provide direct benefit to the masses.

Buzdar government is also on the forefront with regard to bringing environmental changes and resolving electricity problems. Converting universities of the province to solar energy is an excellent decision.

CM remains aware about law and order situation in Punjab each and every moment. Prompt action was taken by him on the Gujrat jail and Shah Hussain Express Train accident incidents.