Parliamentary Pioneer Pakistan People groups Party (PPP) Punjab, Syed Hassan Murtaza whereas reacting to common law serve Raja Basharat has said that the remainders of despots within the Punjab Get together have revived the fascism of Zia, Musharraf and Ayub Khan.

In his articulation on Friday, he said that the government cannot choke our voice, including modern rules have been made within the get together, it was said that audio and video of my discourse will not go out of the house, my words were expunged.

"I did not talk in a non-parliamentary way. Bum isn't a non-parliamentary word", he clarified.

He pledges, we'll not permit anybody to bulldoze democratic conventions.

Syed Hassan Murtaza said that whereas I am a portion of the House, I would keep talking approximately my rights and the rights of the people, no one may halt us, we accept in majority rule government.