LAHORE          -          Pakistan spinner Kashif Bhatti has gotten the green signal to rejoin his team after being tested negative twice for coronavirus in England. “The player had returned a positive test result for the remnants of a previous Covid-19 infection and in consultation with Public Health England and a virologist, a safety-first approach was taken to isolate the player,” said a spokesman of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). “The player has now returned a second negative test with no risk of infection to other players and staff.” Bhatti, who could be making his international debut during the England tour, became eligible to join the team after his test results came back negative twice in succession. However, his result came positive when he was tested by the ECB. He went into self-isolation in Worcestershire. Kashif has not been taking part in the training sessions with his teammates and also traveled separately to Derby.  Earlier, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had sought an update from the ECB in this regard and said that Bhatti’s case fell under the jurisdiction of the ECB. Bhatti departed for the series after two negative COVID-19 tests, and as per the PCB, tested negative again when he underwent another coronavirus test for the airline. “Arrangements for a biosecure environment are the responsibility of the ECB,” the PCB said.