KARACHI              -         PTI Leader and President Karachi region Khurram Sher Zaman with central leader Haleem Adil Sheikh here on Thursday severely criticized the Sindh government over alleged massive corruption of Reverse Osmosis (R.O) plants and patronage of dacoits in the province.

In a press conference held at Insaf House, Khurram Sher Zaman said, “We are exposing another corruption scandal where Rs 33 billion of taxpayer’s money was looted by the rulers over installation of R.O Plants.”

This project was initiated seven years ago and its cost had gone from Rs 13 billion to Rs 33 billion, he added. He demanded of the NAB to take notice on this mega corruption scandal.

“Pak Oasis had to install 750 R.O plants in three years whereas only 578 plants were installed and 272 R.O plants are missing”, he pointed out.

He revealed that 90-95 percent of these Reverse Osmosis (R.O) plants were out of order now. Khurram Sher Zaman lashed out at Bilawal Bhutto on his praise towards Sindh government and asked him to inquire about Asia’s biggest R.O plant. Plants installed in Lyari and Kimari were non-functional, he added. “Water board is also involved in this regard as tens of millions of rupees were given for maintenance of these plants but no record was maintained,” he said.

“Corrupt officers of water board are also part of this great fraud. All R.O plants in Thar are out of order, more to add, the plants installed in the constituency of CM Murad Ali Shah are non-functional. Rs 150 million was spent on a single R.O Plant while the same amount was spent on operating maintenance but all went into corruption. 38 out of 40 R.O plants installed in Manchar lake are also non-operational.”

He added that Sindh government gave this project to Pak Oasis and the person who got the contract was Umer Gilani. A proper investigation must be made on former Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Finance minister and current CM Murad Ali Shah and all chief secretaries on this mega corruption and installation of faulty water plants, he said.

He alleged and demanded to investigate all former and current ministers involved in these including Nasir Shah, Sharjeel Memon, Ovais Tappi and Jam Khan Shoro.

He announced to approach NAB and anti-corruption department for this issue and demanded the federal government to investigate the issue.

“We also request the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take a suo motto notice on this very issue”, he added.

Talking on the occasion, central leader and parliamentary leader PTI Sindh Haleem Adil Shaikh also criticises the PPP’s government and said that Sindh was experiencing dacoit rule under PPP’s government. Dacoits in Sindh were returning with force as some of them had released pictures of children showing arms.

“Now the Sindh government has an IG of their own wish. There are police officers who are awarding peace prizes to the dacoits. Another Lyari gang is in making. Dacoits are roaming freely, consolidating power and took people hostage in “Kacha” areas of the province while PPP ministers are supporting them,” he accused.

He added that after 18th amendment, law and order was a provincial subject, Rangers had been limited to the Karachi city. Rangers should be given powers in the whole province.

Sheikh lashed out on appointment of SSPs on contacts and bribe according to Dr. Rizwan’s report. Sindh government had failed in protecting lives and wealth of the people as street crime had spread far and wide in Karachi, he pointed out.

He criticized Bilawal Bhutto while adding that he (Bilawal) wanted to go to Islamabad with Maulana Fazl ur Rehman’s support. He requested the Prime Minister, Chief Justice to take notice of the situation.

“A dacoit gang is being made for the next elections. Wheat was sold on fake cheques and now these are stored in godowns of PPP-supported people. Sindh’s food department is in debt of Rs 80 billion while Rs 11 billion were given in subsidies,” he informed.

Sindh Governor presents financial assistance cheque to cameraman Safeer Ahmed

Sindh Governor Imran Ismail while taking notice of the reports based on the situation of former cameraman Safeer Ahmed, met Safeer Ahmed at the Governor House and gave him a cheque for financial assistance.

Safeer Ahmed has been associated with the media as a cameraman and was forced to drive a rickshaw due to four years of unemployment, said a statement on Thursday.

Safeer Ahmed thanked the Governor of Sindh for the financial assistance and said that he was very grateful to the Governor of Sindh who took notice of his situation and providing immediate relief.