LAHORE - Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is not under any kind of pressure because of opposition. PTI has no danger from interior or exterior of the parliament.

Opposition parties will keep calling APCs till 2023 for passing time.  Talking to Focal Person Social Media of Punjab government Anas Dola and member of PTI Rao Abid, Governor Punjab said that the incumbent government has saved Pakistan from bankruptcy because of successful economic policies.

Pakistan is facing multiple crisis because of Coronavirus Pandemic but the government is handling all the problems effectively and Pakistan is on the way to economic development and prosperity. He further said that initiation of construction on Diamer Bhasha is a historic step of PTI government and the improvement of national institutes is included in party’s manifesto.

There will be no compromise on accountability and transparency.  Our priority is the development of country and the government is working on the policy to combat the challenges being faced by Pakistan.

Government will give Rs300 crore subsidy to Housing and Construction Department.

This investment will strengthen the economy and the financially challenged will have a roof over their heads.

PTI’s initiatives for welfare of public are exemplary and we are fulfilling all the promises that were made with public. Governor Punjab added that Kamyab Jawan Programme is a gift for youth of our country.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus on Eidul Azha, SOPs will have to be implemented in letter and spirit.

He urged the public to celebrate Eid by following the SOPs issued by government, and warned of severe repercussions if corona cases spike due to non-observance of safety protocols.