LAHORE - Lahore police launched crackdown on tarnished criminals and stolen vehicles with the help of the E-Police Apps.

SP Dolphin and acting in-charge of Mujahid Squad Rashid Hidayat has said that E-Software facility has been provided for checking process is underway on seven entrances and exits of the city.

Accused and fugitive suspects are being identified through E-Posts on entrances and exits of the city. Action is also being taken against vehicles with stolen, tampered, and fake number plates with the help of E-Police Software.

E-police posts have been set up at New Ravi Bridge, Old Ravi Bridge, Saggiyan, Thokar Niaz Baig, Babu Sabu and suspicious persons and vehicles are being checked at Gajjumatta Picket and Mehmood Booti Picket with E-Police Software.

Rashid Hidayat said that records of 03 lakh 59 thousand 581 motorcycles and 02 lakh 06 thousand 890 vehicles were checked in the last 6 months.

With the help of E-Police Software, records of 05 lakh 12 thousand 247 persons were checked at the check post.

During the operation, 31 pistols, 03 rifles, 01 pump action, 196 bullets were recovered and 76 dangerous A-category accused were arrested with the help of E-Post Software and 200 fugitives from E-Post while 23 were targeted Fenders were caught.

Lahore CCPO Zulfiqar Hameed said that modern technology is being used to arrest the tarnished criminals. Hameed said police has Hotel Eye, Travel Eye and E policing Software to check out status of criminals and stolen vehicles.

SSP Discipline makes secret visits to various police stations

In the direction of CCPO Lahore Zulfiqar Hameed, SSP Discipline Ibadat Nisar made secret visits to various police stations in the city.

SSP Ibadat Nisar inspected Millat Park Police Station, Samanabad, Muslim Town, and Wahdat Road.

He inspected the record registers, front desk, lock-ups, and inquiries from the detainees in the lock-up of the police stations and also inspected the facilities and talked to the citizens, who came for their matters to the police personnel.  SSP Discipline also briefed the personnel stationed at the police station about security and safety and directed them to take precautionary measures for the prevention of the corona epidemic in lock-ups.

Use all possible resources for the comfort of the citizens coming to police stations.