ISLAMABAD - The daring confidence of the ruling party [PTI] to act offen­sively, in and outside the parlia­ment, despite facing enormous economic and pandemic-en­forced challenges has remained a surprising aspect for political commentators.

Although the publicly-made reservations of the main coali­tion partners have opened a new front for the ruling party, this development has not put the party on the back foot.

The recent gossip regard­ing “minus-one formula”, in­ner bickering within the ruling party and distancing of impor­tant allied partners, such as BNP- Mengal, were believed to be extremely damaging for the incumbent government.

On the other hand, the tone and tenor of government members, from top to bottom, has dispelled this impression; the members were seen adopting even stron­ger and stricter stances against the opposition in their speeches and press conferences.

The government, despite the recent decision of BNP-Mengal, is confident of easily doing leg­islative business in the house. This confidence got stron­ger when it easily defeated the joint opposition in the National Assem­bly during the budget session.

Similarly, it is surprising that BNP-Mengal has yet to submit an application in the Na­tional Assembly Secretariat for sitting on opposition benches.

Talking to this newspaper, BNP-Mengal senior MNA Agha Hassan Baloch said that both PTI’s mem­bers and opposition parties were in contact with them.

“We might not opt to support the opposition, as sadly the opposi­tion is also divided,” Baloch said, men­tioning that they were only interested in solving their is­sues.

It was seen in the past that the annoyed coalition partner after distancing them­selves from any government preferred to sit on opposition benches without any delay. This non-committal stance of BNP-M is encouraging for the ruling PTI to act confidently.

In another development, MQM-P has recently expressed reservations with PTI’s gov­ernment over the K-Electric issue. But, this annoyance was also short-lived as the govern­ment managed to placate its allies from Sindh.

“We[ MQM-P] are hopeful, as the government assured it will address our reservations tomor­row [Thursday], MQM-P mem­bers’ meeting with the Prime Minister would clear the future course of action,” said MQM-P’s MNA Sabir Qaim Khani.

Political pundits observed that the coalition partners of the government were also not in­terested in shaking hands with opposition. The rift between opposition is giving space to the ruling party to confidently counter the opposition even in tough circumstances.

The recent hard-hitting speech of Prime Minister Imran Khan and befitting response of PTI’s MNAs to the opposition in almost every sitting of the National Assembly and Senate, clearly reflects that the present government is not ready to come under the pressure of the opposition.