ISLAMABAD           -        After lockdown for about 10 months, the work on the Saindak project has resumed and produced the first batch of crude copper this week, Gwadar Pro reported on Thursday.

“The first batch of crude copper produced means that Saindak Project under the MCC has resumed complete flow scheme of beneficiation, mining, and smelting while preventing and controlling epidemic,” said Manager of the project.

On June 6, 68 Chinese staff had arrived Saindak in Balochistan and started a 14-day isolated for observation. Meanwhile, Pakistani personnel had gathered in another isolated site nearby Saindak project to prepare for resuming smelting.

During observational period, both Pakistani and Chinese staff strictly complied with each term of stipulation and measure so that their health could be protected from COVID-19. On June 22, the personnel finished isolation and taken nucleic acid testing on June 28th.

Due to the long-term lockdown, apparatus and machines in Saindak smeltery needed a complete overhaul.

On July 9th, the smeltery of MCC Saindak Project was reignited after it had been shut down for nearly 10 months. On July 13, the smeltery produced its first batch of crude copper, the manager added.