The long March shows the leading members of the judiciary are now acting like politicians out on an election campaign. The matter should be decided by the politicians as to what route should be adopted for restoration of the judges. Sadly they have been inept at doing so. The PPP has somewhat distanced itself from the Long March, but not the PML-N. The government should have used its utmost persuasive tactics to convince lawyers and political parties not to engage in such a reckless move. People are fed up as it is. Their immediate demand is jobs, food, lowering of prices etc. This is nothing but pressure tactics or more of political blackmailing. Lawyers should act within the confines of the law. The politicians are to be blamed for their handling of the situation. They are showing that they cannot agree on basic matters and not even keep the deadlines they set themselves. -AMIN SULEIMAN, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, June 11.