LAHORE - In order to compensate the overspending of Rs 531 million by the previous government in the Access to Justice Program (AJP) during the previous fiscal year, the Punjab government has cut down the allocations under this head in the provincial budget for the current fiscal year 2008-09. The present PML-N led Punjab Govt has earmarked Rs 320 million for AJP that is 65.6 per cent less against the previous year allocation of Rs.400 million. It is worth mentioning here that the previous PML-Q led Punjab government had allocated Rs.400 million under AJP but amazingly spent Rs 931 million on various 'development schemes' under the said programme. The image of the Punjab Police is not that of a citizen-friendly force. Public criticism varies from its alleged over zealousness and brutalisation at one end of the spectrum, to ineffectiveness in controlling crime and criminals at the other - not surprising in the face of mounting evidence of violence and crime. The low image of the police has darkened even further. Instead of being an instrument to enforce the rule of law, it is increasingly seen as a pliable tool in the hands of politicians who get them posted. Meanwhile, under the head of AJP strategic interventions include design and operation of the Punjab Local Justice Programme, capacity building of Punjab Police, developing model systems for 4 Police Stations, creation of Citizen Councils, social audit of police stations, establishment of Judicial Academy at Lahore, construction of regional and district offices of Public Prosecution Department, construction of eleven Consumer Protection Courts in Punjab, establishment of a directorate & training institute for private security personnel, re-organization and strengthening of Civil Defense, Prisons Management Information System, capacity building of parole and probation services, establishment of rehabilitation facilities in Punjab prisons. development of framework/provision of legal aid for indigent accused, establishment of independent certification authority for the prisons staff, establishment of canine units in Punjab, development of research and analysis capacity of the Home department and conducting crime survey in Punjab. Ongoing schemes under the head of police housing include construction of barracks/ hostels District Gujranwala, barracks/ hostels District Multan, 8 Married Officers Flats (MOF) in Rawalpindi, and construction of barracks  for Special Branch Hudson Lodge Murree. Ongoing schemes under the head of judiciary housing & offices include construction of residences for judicial officers in judicial complex Jhelum, construction of Sessions House Officers residences at Sessions Colony Jhang, construction of 8 courts in the western side of existing old wing at Lahore High Court Lahore, construction of judicial offices, record block, Lahore High Court Lahore, construction of Judicial Complex at Rawalpindi, construction of Judicial Complex at Jhelum, and construction of new parking buildings at 15-Fane Road Lahore High Court Lahore. Ongoing schemes under the head of Public Prosecution Offices include automation of Public Prosecution Department Lahore, construction of Regional and District offices of Public Prosecution Department in Punjab. Ongoing schemes under the head of P&D Offices include project for implementing Public Safety Reforms in the Punjab and under the head of Home Offices include establishment of Forensic Science Agency.