ISLAMABAD - National Assembly on Monday strongly condemned the statement of Afghan President Hamid Karzai to attack Taliban insurgents on Pakistani soil. Treasury and Opposition members strongly condemned Afghan President's statement and said that the government must order the armed forces to take strict action against any violation of the territorial integrity of Pakistan.  The members of the Lower House also continued debate on National Budget 2008-09 and gave various suggestions for providing more relief to the people. Barjis Tahir of Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) alleged that air strikes are being carried out due the wrong polices of President Pervez Musharraf. He said that parliament was not taken into confidence during the previous government and one person took all decisions.    He said that Pervez Musharraf's step on November 02, 2007 should be termed as illegal and unconstitutional for the sovereignty of the Parliament. He demanded of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani that he must give orders for the release of national hero, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, as he did to release all the deposed judges. "When I asked Foreign Minister regarding American aircraft's bombardments on the territory of Pakistan, he (Foreign Minister) replied that Pakistan cannot combat the attacks at the height of 32000 feet. If we cannot combat them at this height, we can not stop bombardments on the buildings of the President, Prime Minister and Chief of Army Staff," Barjis Tahir said. The PML-N leader said that 20 percent increment in the salaries of employees should be implemented in private sectors also. He proposed that the oil price should be reviewed after six months instead of 15 days.            He also criticized the previous government for writing off Rs 60.00 billion loans of 17,000 influential people, and added that Rs 2.00 billion loans, taken by small farmers, were not written off despite the fact that they were already facing problems. He said that when previous government came into power the country owed $ 34 billion but now it owes $ 50 billion. Engineer Amir Muqam of Pakistan Muslim league-Q (PML-Q) condemned the Afghan President's statement and violation of NATO forces of Pakistan's territory and said that the House should pass a joint resolution against it. He said that the government had failed to fulfill peoples' needs in the budget for the fiscal year 2008-09.        Dr Farooq Sattar of Muttahida Quami Movment (MQM) strongly condemned the allied forces attack in tribal belt of Pakistan and Afghan President Hamid Karazi's statement. "We should never allow any country to violate the boundary of Pakistan," he said. He said that the people gave heavy mandate to the government and it is time to bring reforms to move forward. He said that the previous budget has widened distance between the rich and the poor. "The Prime Minister while speaking on the floor has said that some people are sitting here who are involved in black marketing. If the Prime Minister recognizes the persons, he should expose their names," Farooq said. He further said that the amount for health and education have been virtually decreased in the budget. He said that five percent of the GDP should be increased for health and education sectors. He said that it is time to reform and uniform the national curriculum of education. He said that the government has announced to increase Rs 77 billion of the general sales tax (GST) but actually Rs 400 billion has been increased. He said that the amount of privatization should be distributed among the provinces. It needs to bring reforms in FATA and political parties should be given permission to work in that region, he said.                              Earlier, Humair Hayat Khan Rokhri called for reduction in the cost of agriculture inputs and said that stern measures needs to be ensured to make quality seeds available to the farmers. Taking part in debate, Fauzia Habib said that the previous government has left behind judiciary crisis, wheat crisis, energy crisis, PIA crisis, Steel Mills crisis and inflation. She criticised the 'parha likha Punjab' programme (literate Punjab) and said mere printing of one's pictures on syllabus books cannot ensure literacy. Nawab Abdul Ghani Talpur in his speech proposed that name of the National Assembly should be Benazir Bhutto National Assembly Hall and he hoped that Opposition would also favour his suggestion. Similarly, he also added that the road crossing outside the parliament should be named after Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Pakistan, he added, is an agricultural country but there is no television channel exclusively for agriculture. He said one of the Pakistan Television Channels should be converted into an agriculture channel. Malik Nauman Ahmed Langrial was critical of the budget and said it did not provide any relief to the small farmers. He said that the government should provide interest-free loans to the small farmers.   He said at every Tehsil level, the government should set up depots for wheat flour, sugar and ghee from where these essential items should be available to the common man on controlled rates. Anjam Akeel of PML-N alleged that after 9/11 incidents, dictatorship has earned billions of rupees in the name of terrorism. Similarly, former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has also earned billions of rupees in the name of privatization of public institutions. He said that price hike is big challenge for the government and it should take step on war-footings to give relief to the poor.           Engineer Shukatullah strongly condemned the allied forces attack in Mohmand Agency, intrusion by NATO helicopters in Khyber Agency and Afghan President Hamid Karazi's statement. Javed Latif said that during 60-year age of Pakistan for 35 years pro-army politicians announced the budget and damaged country by their policies. Especially PML-Q during its rule caused severe damage to Pakistani institutions, he said. Eight years earlier the total loan of Pakistan was standing at $25 billion that now has approached to $45 billion and there is no major and visible development in the country, Imtiaz Safdar Warraich said. United bank earned Rs 13 billion during last one year and the past regime sold it only for Rs 11 billion, he added. Agencies add: Salahuddin from MQM said the present budget was like any other budget in the past. He said since the government had little time for its preparation, therefore it is a budget made by bureaucracy which has little knowledge of the people's problems. He feared that the present budget would open floodgates of inflation. He said no mega project has been proposed in the PSDP. Bushra Goher,Shagufata Jamani,Zahid Hamid, Dr Zille Huma, Sardar Bahadur Khan Sihar and others participated in debate on budget.