It is a known fact that the whole nation is passing through an agonising period of confusion and utter uncertainty. Everyday conflicting and absurd statements are aired and then come the clarifications. The issues are crystal clear and there is no ambiguity or complexity which is forbidding the people's representatives to follow a straight path instead of indulging in childish beguile and frivolities. A retired general who is fourth in the line from our dearly loved Armed Forces trampled the constitution just because of his transfer as chief of army. The prime minister of the day was summarily removed, arrested, handcuffed and thrown in a dungeon and later on exiled just because a 22-Grade officer was replaced by another officer. There is no doubt whatsoever that the then prime minister acted lawfully and within his constitutional power. There is an erroneous impression going round in this unfortunate land that parliament is supreme. It is not the parliament but the Constitution which is sacrosanct and inviolable and supreme. In view of this trend of army conquering their own country off and on, Pakistan lost all the three wars they lost. There is no doubt that "War is too serious a matter to be left to generals alone." Sometime one wonders that there are so many honourable generals in our army but no one is capable of putting his foot down and presenting the maverick to conquer his own nation and country. The British unfortunately modelled the Indian army as a "One Man" army. The other generals are afraid that they will earn the immediate wrath of the chief and will be sent home with one stroke of pen as they have no judicial safeguards and no court of appeal where they can get their illegitimate ouster challenged and redressed. If they keep quiet they get gubernatorial offices, ambassadorships and heads of huge corporate entities. These collaborators remain mum. Now some of them have become quite vocal after their retirements which is a good gesture; better late than never. At times they are appointed Vice Chancellors of Universities and Chairmen, FPSC etc. Why can't they be honest and say that since they have no worthwhile education and practically they are ignoramuses, they are not going to make a mess of things in such positions where high degree of knowledgibility and enlightenment is required. Their very profession, otherwise being very honourable in the whole world and since times immemorial. They are trained to kill and for this one has got to develop a regimented mindset. If one is trained to kill and destroy as a legitimate requirement of one's job how can he be engaged in nation building or any constructive work. In India Jawaharlal Nehru directed Sardar Patel to keep strict check on the notions of superiority entertained by army over civilians just because of their discipline and regimentation. Regimentation is the mortal enemy of any creativity. Having said all this as a prelude to the problem being faced by the nation, one wonders why after more than three months of the general elections the retired general has not been taken to task. By now, in fact, in the first week after the elections he should have been squarely impeached and the same constitution which he trampled twice has a section under which he should have been tried and punished in accordance with the best traditions of armies all over the world. This action would have deterred such psychopaths for all times to come to destroy the constitution and give birth to illegality, lack of merit and generation of every conceivable and inconceivable ill. The whole nation, sixteen crore of them should hang their heads in shame that we tolerated an unconstitutional rule for more than eight years. During all this period such heinous and depraved acts were committed that it is pointless to dilate upon the same. The whole nation is aware of everything otherwise they would not have rejected outright Musharraf in the general elections. The prime minister who despite his bravado in Chah-i-Yousuf se sada has proved himself unequal to the job in the shortest possible time. He is all the time busy propounding trivialities of every kind and has openly said, "If so asked he will issue a directive for the reinstatement of judges." He is indicating clearly that he is only a puppet and his strings are in some one else's hands. There may be one hundred NROs but who does not know that the country was looted in a most ruthless fashion. The honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan stood up to the general on March 9, 2007 and changed the very course of history. His main aides Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, Justice (Retd) Tariq Mahmud, the fearless Ali Ahmad Kurd to name only a few will go down in the History of this country as the brave sons of the soil who changed the very ethos of a nation. This nation owes eternal debt of gratitude to their chief justice. One man's courage has shaken the very edifice which the ex-general built in eight years. The police officers, who manhandled him, should have been by now dismissed or jailed for their crime. The reinstatement through a package clearly shows the triumph of triviality. Some legal wizard say Mr Naek has cobbled the package. Did Musharraf prepare a "package" when he twice assaulted the constitution of Pakistan? The argument by PPP and its co-chairman that we don't want to correct one illegality by another one is simply a subterfuge and without any substance. This is not the time to play games and hold lengthy and absurd press conferences. Why should the matters be complicated for nothing? There are a few days left from the "gathering storm" and the so-called package should be thrown into a dustbin where it belongs. All the measures suggested there can in no case take care of a military ruler. The whole nation is fed up with the antics of PPP on this issue. The co-chairman is a product of a tragic accident and should shed all notions of being a Socrates. Mian Nawaz Sharif listened to the wrong people at the time of making Musharraf's appointment and these wrong people are still around him. He is luckily the only one in the top leadership of this country, who fully understands the deleterious effects of repeated army interventions in our body politics. It is admirable that he has withdrawn some ministers but that has clearly not worked. Mian Sahib's naivety and gullibility prevents him from putting his foot down once for all and tell his coalition partner that "I understand your fears, your games and your chicanery." "Enough is Enough." Let us take pity on this nation and impeach the ex-general without any further loss of time. Mian Sahib is undoubtedly a thorough gentleman, endowed with admirable qualities of heart. He is right now the most popular person in Pakistan. Let him rise to the occasion and not disappoint the nation. He is the only leader and he must lead. This is a historic occasion. The writer is a retired inspector general of police