ISLAMABAD-After a struggle of three years, the Federal Healthy Ministry has finally managed to successfully separate the Drugs Registration and Licencing Boards, as required by the law, TheNation learnt reliably here on Monday. The decision was carried out recently when after completion of the formal legal process and the Health Ministry issued a notification in this regard. Earlier, the Health Ministry, by putting aside the Drug Act of 1976, was undertaking both jobs of registration and licencing by constituting a single board, which was a sheer violation of the Act. As per law, the Central Licencing Board and the Registration Board were two different entities and under the section 11-A of the Drug Act, 1976, it is quite clear that a member of one board cannot be a member of other. Section 11-A of the Act was introduced in 2002, when it was noticed that a few persons have started sitting in provincial boards, Drug Licencing and Registration Board as well as in appellate board. So, in order to control conflicts of interest, section 11-A was introduced. Since 2002, every successive government put the responsibility on the previous ones and the issue could not be addressed. Somehow, after appointment of a new Director General, Health and Drug Controller, the Health Ministry was able to separate both boards, earlier in month of June. It is worthwhile to mention here that the previous government started work on amending the section 11 A in 2006 the and finally now the boards have been separated as required by the law.