KARACHI - The food and general inflation in May 2008 set a new record due to unbridled waive of price-hike in the country. In May 2008 the food inflation mounted to 28.5 per cent while the general inflation scaled up to 19.3 per cent on year-on-year basis. In May 2007 the general inflation and food inflation remained at 7.4 per cent and 11.3 per cent, respectively. In April this year the food inflation reached the highest mark of 25.5 per cent while the general inflation increased to 17.2 per cent, but in May 2008 the inflation monster continued to expand further and it hit the highest benchmark. According to SBP's update on trends in inflation updated on Monday, the non-food inflation in May 2008 was at 12.5 per cent. However, in 11 months of FY08 the general inflation remained at 11.1 per cent (7.8 per cent in same period FY07) while the food inflation was at 16.3 per cent (10.3 per cent in FY07). The 12 months moving average shows general inflation at 10.8 per cent and 15.8 per cent food inflation. It may be noted here that the prices of all the essential consumer items have increased tremendously during the past few months because of hoarding, manipulation of market players and increase in the domestic POL products.