Allama I. I Qazi is deemed to be one of the most renowned and legendary scholars of our land whose wisdom and intellect has been commended everywhere. He laid the foundation of University of Sindh for the purpose of imparting higher education to downtrodden and backward areas of Sindh. His sole aim was to give better education to poor people in order to procreate scholars that can better serve the society. Regrettably, we have forgotten the message of the legend. Gang rape, harassment and bloodshed of students in the University of Sindh are a most disturbing aspect of the academic life here. A university is deemed to be a place where lessons of brotherhood, value of humanity and respect of each other's interests are taught. Not in University of Sindh, though. It is disheartening to note that the university authorities are still intent upon hushing up these acts when thousands of deeply perturbed students are openly talking about it. Student hostels look deserted and desolate. Semester papers are not held on scheduled time. The parents of students are so worried about the situation that they have started stopping their charges from going to the university. The Governor, or the Chief Minister Sindh are requested to kindly take cognisance of the matter and restore the peace here. -ISHFAQUE RUSTAMANI, Dadu, via e-mail, June 3.