ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) on Monday said that the party's participation in the lawyers' struggle during its multiple stages was never meant to hijack the movement as claimed by certain quarters. In a statement issued here on Monday, the party said it had been mobilising the general public to ensure massive support for the success of the movement for the restoration of the pre-emergency judiciary. The party believes that lawyers' movement could not reach its final destination without massive public support and participation, it said. PML-N will keep participating in future demonstrations as well for the cause of independent judiciary, the statement said. "Independence of judiciary is not only a issue of lawyers but it is a matter of life and death for the country," it added. Meanwhile, PML-N has maintained that Nawaz Sharif was not taken into confidence about the budgetary proposals and increase of judges in the apex court. "Our leader or Quaid has categorically contradicted reports that they were consulted," PML-N spokesman Siddiqul Farooq said. Information Minister Sherry Rehman stressed that the proposal to increase the strength of the Supreme Court judges has been included in the finance bill in consultation with the PML-N. "We do not recognise PCO Judges as permanent judges. But our party despite its reservations has agreed to retain them as ad-hoc judges," Farooq told a private TV channel. "I think our Quaid had made it very clear that he is not going to acknowledge them as permanent judges and I think increase of the vacancies will not be supported by us," he said. He said the PML-N withdrew ministeries, as it could not succeed to restore the judges in a specified period. "Let the time come if the Bhurban Declaration is implemented in letter and spirit then we will be part of the coalition government".