THERE is a need on the part of the PPP leadership to finally make up its mind on the twin issues of the future of President Musharraf and the restoration of the deposed judges, which have become inter-connected and continue to remain the topmost issues both inside and outside Parliament. Addressing members of the Sindh cabinet on Sunday, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari insisted that it would be the PPP which would send the President home but this would be done at a proper time. The matter once again popped up at a meeting of the ruling coalition's parliamentary group where the PML-N lawmakers underlined the urgency of taking action against the President. Inside the National Assembly the party said it planned to table a resolution for his impeachment soon. One of the PML-N MNAs revealed that 48 parliamentarians had already signed a draft resolution demanding an impeachment. The lawyers' long march, spread over five days, was in fact as much directed against President Musharraf as it was focused on the issue of the restoration of the deposed judges. One hopes a final decision will be taken on the two issues by the PPP and PML-N leaderships during Mr Zardari's two-day stay in Lahore. The government has raised the number of Supreme Coourt judges to 29 to accommodate both the deposed judges and those who took oath under the PCO. Mr Aitzaz Ahsan has said the deposed judges can sit with those working presently. This indicates the maximum flexibility on the part of the legal community. There are many who think it would be harmful for the unity of the ruling coalition to continue to remain a prisoner of indecision. The government would face growing public criticism and the next long march by the legal community might turn into a long sit-in. On Sunday Mian Nawaz Sharif again accused the President of indulging in conspiracies to derail democracy while Mian Shahbaz said his party would not rest till the deposed judges were restored. Meanwhile SCBA President Aitzaz Ahsan promised more and larger rallies in case the government did not fulfill its promise to restore the judiciary to its pre-November 3 position. The ball is now in the court of the PPP leadership. The time is ripe to take a decision in line with public aspirations.