ACTOR Rhys Ifans is struggling to get over his split from Sienna Miller. The distraught 'Notting Hill' star was seen slumped on the pavement outside London's E+O restaurant and bar in the Notting Hill area after drowning his sorrows on Saturday (14.06.08). Wearing sunglasses to hide his bleary eyes, Rhys was comforted by a male friend who gave him a big hug. Rhys was spotted throwing his mobile phone on the ground after sending a text message.  An onlooker said: "He was upset, hitting his head and crying. He's in a bad way." Rhys is also reportedly homeless, after selling his apartment to move in with Sienna, and has been sleeping at friend's houses since the actress dumped him earlier this month. Sienna, 26, is believed to have ended the nine-month romance because she couldn't handle Rhys' jealousy. The 39-year-old actor was reportedly caught checking Sienna's mobile phone after growing suspicious of her close relationship with her 'Edge of Love' co-star and ex-boyfriend Matthew Rhys.          - LN