KARACHI - Sindh government has enhanced the budgets for education and health sectors for financial year 2008-09, as the education budget has been increased by 16 per cent. The government allocated Rs 7.9 billion for health sector and Rs 15 billion for education sector, which includes Rs 5.9 billion for various reforms supported by the World Bank and European Commission. The budget will finance free textbooks for over 5 million school children, while Rs 609 million have been allocated for Scholarships for Girl students from class 5 to 10 and funds for School Management Committees. Funds Rs 2.7 billion for School Rehabilitation and Rs 500 million for supporting low cost private schools have also been earmarked. Similarly 2 Engineering Colleges and one College for Arts and Design and an Institute of Business Administration will be established in different cities of the province. An amount of Rs 240 million have been provided to rehabilitate Colleges, that has been neglected for a long time. Initially Rs. 500 million  has been allocated Education City Project of Karachi, which is being examined to make a dedicated Education City. This place is expected to house many institutions of Higher Learning and will trigger great economic activity and job creation. This project will be under taken through Public Private Partnership. On the other hand, Rs 7.9 billion has been allocated for health sector, under which health insurance will be provided to 100,000 poor households in the first phase. While, the Peoples Primary Health Initiative Programme has been assigned for this task. However, Rs 5 billion has been earmarked for fighting with hepatitis, as over one million people affected with various types of Hepatitis are inhabitants the province. To Upgrade district and taluka hospitals in Sindh, nearly Rs 800m has been allocated through ADP and SDSSP to undertake this holistically and comprehensively. Although, Rs 200m has been allocated for rehabilitation of various Health Training Institutions including Nursing and Paramedic Training Institutes. Chandka Medical College is being upgraded to University Level and this would be Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Medical University.