PML (N) recently released a charge sheet against President Musharraf. One of the item on it was use of army against our own people. My question is if our own people become traitors, what choice is left with the regime. A day is not far off when PML (N) will be using the army against the same traitors whom they calls today 'our own people'. These traitors are backed by the most powerful lobby in the world. Even America is scared of this lobby. How about charges against Nawaz Sharif like attacking the Supreme Court, pulling out dollars from state coffers at mid night, not allowing the plane of the COAS to land in Karachi? PML (N) should not throw stones at others while it lives in a glasshouse. Instead, they should concentrate on giving relief to people groaning under high prices, load shedding etc. -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, via e-mail, June 11.