LAHORE-Hundreds of PPP workers and a good number of local party leaders who reached Lahore Airport on Monday to give a befitting welcome to party chief Asif Ali Zardari on his arrival in the City, were left high and dry when he spirited away from the back door. "We have spent huge sum of money to hire transport to facilitate party workers and to provide them meal and drinks, with the sole purpose of giving a befitting welcome to the party chief; but to our utter dismay, he left the airport using the back door", a local party leader lamented while talking to this scribe at the airport. Zardari's plane landed at Lahore airport at around 4:30 pm. Workers kept waiting for him for long time, but he did not come out of the VVIP lounge. Finally, when he did make a brief appearance outside the VVIP lounge after a long wait, he suddenly turned back and opted to use the back door to leave the airport. He came straight to Governor House along with the Governor and other senior party leaders and later addressed some party workers there. This caused unrest among the workers and the crowd became unruly in despair and confusion. The security officials deployed there resorted to mild baton charge to keep it in discipline. This annoyed the workers who felt insulted being treated like opposition when their party was in power. Senior party leaders said that Mr Zardari had to use the back door on the advice of security men who could not manage the party workers outside the airport. Commenting on the situation, a local PPP leader termed it lack of coordination among party high ups. He alleged that Governor Salman Taseer who was supervising the whole show did not coordinate with party's Lahore organisation in this regard. The Governor House sent 14 names to the authorities at the airport, who were to receive the party chief. The list even did not include the name of party's Lahore President Haji Azizur Rehman Chan and other local leaders, he lamented.