ISLAMABAD - PTI Chairman Imran Khan has strongly condemned the brutality of government security personnel against the PTIs Central Executive Committee (CEC) member Samar Ali Khan. According to press release issued by PTI media cell, a shocking display of Pakistan Peoples Party flagrant might and power was undertaken by Zulfikar Ali Mirza, Home Minister Sindh, when his security guards beat up PTI member of CEC Samar Ali Khan, leaving him badly bruised. The incident took place when Samar was entering his house in Defence, heavily barricaded and vigilantly patrolled by security personnel to provide protection to the Home Minister who is residing in the same area. When Samar Ali Khan tried to lift barrier to access his house, security personnel exchanged harsh words with him and their harsh words led to an angry verbal clash between them. Following the exchange of harsh words Samar was severely beaten up by the home ministers guards and eventually thrown in jail. According to statement PTI chairman has questioned the validity of a democratic government where the apparent power rests with the government and its personnel instead of resting with the people. Imran Khan demanded of the local government of Sindh to take action against the security guards and police officials for beating and putting Samar in jail on charges as feeble as lifting of a road barrier. He demanded immediate release of the PTI leader.