LAHORE - The matter of controlling the employees appointed at General Bus Stand, Lahore for colleting the fee of AC-buses, has been observed as out of control of the government as most of the buses departing from Lahore to other cities are being overcharged Rs 250 besides the fixed bus stand fee of Rs 500, sources disclosed to The Nation. The employees at the General Bus Stand, Lahore are allegedly involved in overcharging at the time of entry and departure of buses, because most of the bus stand managers are also mum over the issue of overcharging under the pressure of the officials collecting the bus stand fees. The bus stand managers disclosed on condition of anonymity that the government should introduce the honest and foolproof system at the stands to collect the set fee from the bus owners and drivers. The managers alleged that all the extra money being collected from the AC-buses was also being distributed amongst the high-ups. The drivers said that they had to pay about 250 rupees extra to the persons collecting the fee of a bus. They elaborated that they had to pay Rs 100 extra at the time of entry in addition to Rs 20 and Rs 30 in the name of welfare chit and 100 rupees extra at the time of departure. They alleged that persons involved in overcharging include Mushtaq, Ittefaqur Rehman, Asif, Muhammad Arshad and Malik Aslam. The drivers also accepted the overloading and overcharging from the passengers after leaving the bus stands, saying that they are forced to overcharge from the passengers because they had to pay extra money at bus stands. Secretary Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Munir Joyya said that he is not responsible for the matter of the overcharging, as DCO Lahore should handle this matter, adding he knew about the story of overcharging and it has become a major issue.