LAHOREThe 11th annual session of Nazariati Summer School has started at Aiwa-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan, where 240 students will be trained and educated by highly qualified teachers for one month period. Nazria Pakistan Trusts management under the guidance of its Chairman Majid Nizami, who is also a leading journalist of the country and Editor-in-Chief TheNation, prepared the curriculum for the students very carefully, which covered all the advanced topics in a very simple way. Ideological training of the students and guidance of their in a manner to be the perfect citizen of the country would be main focus of the month long campus. Among the 240 students admitted in the School, 135 are the boys and 105 are the girl students from 116 private and government institutions of the city. For example, the contents of curriculum cover knowledge of computer to the Use of Water. Reporter