As America's President George Bush failed to kill Osama. When he left the White House, he left it empty-handed. He did not have Osama's dead body in his bag. What a miserable departure For years, Bush's hounds prowled about in Afghanistan and Pakistan in search of Osama. For years, Osama made a fool of the American pursuers. Bush's inability to destroy Osama destroyed the Republican Party's chances of winning the presidential election held after the expiry of Bush's tenure. Perhaps, nothing has humiliated Bush so much during his entire political career as his inability to hook Osama. Now Obama has killed Osama. There is a strong probability that Bush must be burning with jealousy over Obama's success. What a horrific political bushfire Obama intends to run for the presidency for a second term. He has tremendous chances of victory. If he did win, it would be his moral obligation to be grateful to Osama's dead body for his success. Osama's dead body seems to have guaranteed Obama a second term in the White House. Bush occupied Afghanistan with the intention of killing Osama. The search operation continued for years. Innumerable Afghani and Pakistani innocent women and children were killed during the operation. But Bush miserably failed to achieve his objective. Nature had destined Obama to assassinate Osama. Obama achieved the objective which Bush had failed to achieve. The objective for which America occupied Afghanistan is achieved. But the drones continued killing innocent Afghanis and Pakistanis. America is defending the continuity of the drone strikes. The defence is that Osama's every devotee is another Osama. Thus, there are as many Osamas as there are devotees. Inevitably, the strikes must continue till all the devotees are killed. Pakistan has been nonstop protesting against the drone strikes. As a reply to Pakistan's protests, the drones have been striking Pakistan more and more furiously. America is jubilant because Osama is killed. What a ridiculous jubilation America believed that Osama was just an ordinary being like other ordinary human beings. America should know that Osama was not an ordinary living being. Actually, he was a mission, an ideology He is dead. But his mission is as alive, as active and as vibrant as ever. Osama was killable. But his mission is not killable. According to the news, Obama was to visit Pakistan but later he changed his mind. Probably, he was curious to have firsthand view of the country where his soldiers killed Osama. But more probably, some political considerations forced him to suppress his curiosity. Had Osama been able to dodge Obama as he had already dodged Bush, the dodging would have destroyed Obama's political career. It is Osama's dead body, which has assured Obama of an extremely brighter political future. During George Bushs presidency, some aeroplanes destroyed the New York Trade Towers. Hundreds of New Yorkians were killed. Bush held Osama responsible for the massacre. Believing that Osama was hiding himself in Afghanistan, America bombed Afghanistan for years. Thousands of innocent Afghanis were killed. Now that Osama is killed, America should stop bombing Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now that the main accused is killed, there is no moral reason for continuing the bombing. But years of nonstop bombing has made America addicted to the bombing. America's chasing of Osama was understandable. By killing Osama, America has achieved her objective. But her nonstop killing of innocent Afghanis and Pakistanis is mind-boggling. Now that Osama is deed the drones must stop striking. There is absolutely no logic, no ethics behind these killings. If the killings dont stop, one must naturally believe that America enjoys killing innocent non-Americans human beings. Why does America cherish such an enjoyment? It is a horrific mystery n The writer is an academic.