This is with reference to reported recommendationsby Ministry of Defence to take disciplinary action against three senior CAA officers for irregularities in awarding and execution of contract for renovation of Mehran Lounge at Karachi International Airport to Princely Jets. The issue is that aviation transport industry is too sensitive and unforgiving a business for compromises to be made.Compromises made by CAAs corrupt executives have led to rise in accidents and incidents involving loss of human lives. It is intriguing that no punitive measures have been taken against the owners of the company which has caused huge losses in MehranLounge contract, violated PPRA rules and yet continues to be involved in aviation business regulated by CAA Pakistan. This company has a history of being involved in wheeling and dealing with every government, be it political or military. The owners through their networking were able to get permission for constructing a junk fast food outlet at Lahores Sheba Park from the than CM Punjab. Later on the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the demolition of another such restaurant at Rawalpindi, but chose to ignore the one constructed at Lahore. The issue was on the agenda of Public Accounts Committee and there has been no follow up on what happened there. NAZEER ABRO, Hyderabad, June 15.