LAHORE The European Parliament has set some conditionalities which India will have to meet to be able to sign a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, a member of the parliament told TheNation on Thursday. Sajjad Karim said while talking by phone from London that India would have to assure the Brussels-based house that it as a state was not involved in human rights abuses in Occupied Kashmir and was also not providing protection to those doing so. New Delhi, he said, would also have to give an assurance to the European parliament that it was properly prosecuting the elements accused of such abuses and was taking positive actions to ward off the repetition of such acts. He refuted the reports published in a section of the Pakistani media that the European Parliament had linked the signing of the FTA with India to the settlement of the Kashmir dispute, or that India should hold talks with Pakistan on the subject. Sajjad Karim said the resolution adopted by the European Parliament had nothing to do with Pakistan. As a matter of fact, he said, the issue of FTA between European Parliament and India had been under discussion since 2005. Sajjad Karim, who is the chief negotiator on behalf of the European Parliament, wrote two reports on the subject, first in 2006 and the second in 2008. Now, he said, on May 11, a resolution was passed by parliament, which could be called continuation of the past practice. The situation would be reviewed by the end of the year and then some decision would be taken on the FTA by the EU parliamentary board. EU Ambassador in New Delhi Dainelle Smadja was regularly monitoring the situation of human rights in Occupied Kashmir and was sending her reports to the relevant authorities. Before taking a final decision on the FTA with India, he said, the European Parliament would see if New Delhi had met the conditionalities for the purpose.