MULTAN - If the Chenab receives 650,000 cusecs or more water, the flood water will overflow the security dykes and enter Multan city as the approach road for newly-constructed Head Muhammad Wala Bridge has cut down the width of riverbed considerably, warns a report sent to the chief minister by the irrigation department. The report points out grave mistakes committed during construction of the bridge and reveals that three major security embankments known as Akbar, Nawabpur and Escape Flood Bunds were not taken into account during a hydraulic model study conducted by the Irrigation Research Institute before construction of the bridge despite the fact that these bunds are directly affected by the bridge construction. It should be noted that three flood bunds are lying in front of Multan City. The present levels of the bunds cannot stand against very high flood 650,000 cusecs. Although these bunds are designed to cater for high flood of 1992 when this bridge was not there, reads third paragraph of the report on third page. The Head Muhammad Wala Bridge is constructed by the National Highway Authority and it connects Multan with Muzaffargarh district. The approach road from Multan city intercepts the Akbar Flood Bund and is laid on a 15 ft high six kilometer long embankment above the river bed. The road has closed one active main creek of river Chenab, which is four kilometer away from the Akbar Flood Bund. The timing of the report is very critical as environmental experts anticipate another flashflood in the coming days. The comparison of observations made by the irrigation department of flood gauge at RD 10,000 of Akbar Flood Bund in 1992 high level and 2010 low level flood in Chenab river reveals that the water level rose to 408.48 on the gauge at a discharge of 1075,937 cusecs in 1992 while the same stood even higher at 410.40 despite about three times lower discharge of 333,404 cusecs in 2010. Due to construction of approach road of the bridge resulted pressure on the Akbar Flood Bund which may overflow in high flood, warns the report. It adds that Head Muhammad Wala Bridge is designed for maximum high flood level of 422.50 ft which is approximately eight ft higher than top level of the Akbar Flood Bund which is very alarming situation and needs raising by eight ft. It may not be out of place to mention here that the height of Akbar and Nawabpur Flood Bunds was raised by six foot above the level of high flood keeping in view 1992 flood. However, the current situation has rendered this raising futile and the embankments need to be raised more. The report suggests to the Punjab government to launch immediate initiative to raise Akbar, Nawabpur, Escape and Chenab flood bunds to counter heading up effect. The report further proposes that all inlets existing in the flood embankments should be closed by gated structure.