KOT ADDU - Iranian Councillor General Bani Muhammad Husain Asadi gave keys of 80 newly-constructed houses and dowry to flood-hit couples who tied the knot during a mass wedding ceremony held earlier in Kot Addu. Under social organisation 'Kamita Imam Khumaini has constructed 100 houses to help flood-affected people. The keys were given in a ceremony held at Jamia Shia. Speaking on the occasion, Asadi said that Pakistan and Iran are 2 brother Islamic countries and are tied with Islamic and social relation. Pakistan is badly affected by flood and damages are very high. Iran is trying to help Pakistan on this difficult time. 100 houses have been completed and 200 houses will also be made under the cover of KAMITA organization, he added. BANK CORRUPTION: The officers of Wing Head Operation Group of National Bank of Pakistan are obliging to few insurance companies while there are many companies on the panel. Others companies are not taking business and their employees are badly affected and they cannot run their home expenses. Crops insurance is also carried by private companies instead of government run National Insurance Company due to that government-run company is not getting business. The representative of different insurance companies said that 37 insurance companies have been registered to National Bank of Pakistan for insurance according to circular MRK/HO/CMSC/(INS/08 dated 23rd June 2008. These companies have deposited millions of rupees to the bank for security and in spite of all this majority of the companies are not being given any business.