ISLAMABAD - Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party (JK-PP) headed by Sardar Khalid Ibrahim is contesting elections in AJK on the basis of five-point manifesto. While talking to TheNation, JK-PP Secretary General Dr Kaleem said that real issues being faced by the Kashmiri people had been taken as priority in the manifesto. He said that his party would declare the primary education compulsory and the legislation in this regard would be done. It would be made compulsory for parents to get their children admit in the school as soon as he reached the age of four. One-time meal will be provided to the kids of primary schools daily. Second, through public-private partnership the cottage industry will be established in all ten districts of AJK. Woodworks and other industries will be established. God has blessed AJK with natural resources and natural beauty. The tourism will be promoted through establishing tourism corridors from Chamb sector to Tawbutt. He said intellectuals will be inducted in the Kashmir Liberation Cell by creating independent and fair commission to address the Kashmir issue.