LAHORE Chief Justice Lahore High Court Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry on Thursday stressed upon need of improving quality of legal education and urged principals of law collages in the Punjab to play their role in this regard and to strengthen legal education system in accordance with standards set in the National Judicial Policy, 2011. Addressing a gathering of over 35 principals of different law colleges of the province at the LHC library auditorium here, the Chief Justice said that the National Judicial Policy Committee in its last meeting took a serious note of the decay in the standard of legal education and also found that Supreme Court judgment titled Pakistan Bar Council versus Federal Government has not been implemented in letter and spirit despite elapse of a considerable time. He said the existing LLB programme for law students has serious loopholes as such it needs review and improvement with a futuristic view of legal and justice system. The heads of the law collages had gathered at the LHC on invitation of the CJ for discussing loopholes in the legal education system which is preparing graduates for future lawyers and judges. About the legal ethics, the CJ said that although the subject Legal Ethics is included in the syllabus for LLB, yet the same is not being given importance and it is common practice that lawyers become rash when relief is not given to them while history of great persons of black-coat community shows that the lawyers always respected the decorum of courts at all costs. To develop standards and norms at the bars, the CJ also said that law colleges can refer to the past practices, when the juniors considered it honour for them to leave chair for their seniors in the bar. CJ Ijaz also sought proposals from the heads of the law collages for steps required to overhaul the standards of legal education, which, he said, he would submit before the Chief Justice of Pakistan. The CJ said in the national judicial conference 2011 (NJC) held in Islamabad while discussing the topic of strengthening the legal education system recommendations were submitted noting that standards of legal education have undergone a decay which is one of the obstacles the dispensation of the justice. The LHC CJ said, Chief justice of Pakistan, being head of judiciary in the country and chairman of the National Judicial Policy-Making Committee (NJPNC) gave me the task in the capacity of that committee to examine the existing curriculum of LLB programme in the light of recommendation formulated on the conclusion of NJC and submit my suggestion in the next meeting of the NJPNC. He said for this purpose besides others options discussion with the persons heading the institutions imparting legal education was of paramount importance and their suggestions will be included in the discussion in the next NJPNC.