MIRPUR (AJK) The PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif Thursday called for an early and peaceful settlement of Kashmir dispute for the establishment of lasting peace in South Asia, wowing that his party would restart work towards Kashmir issue resolution upon its coming into power. Early and peaceful settlement of the longstanding Kashmir issue is the top priority of PML-N, which upon coming into power will ensure the early resolution of the lingering conflict between the two countries in line with the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, Nawaz Sharif declared Thursday while addressing a mammoth public meeting in Kotli city of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) held in support of his party candidates contesting June 26 elections for AJK Assembly. Nawaz asserted that Kashmir issue had reached near a solution during his last tenure in 1999. The then Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihhari Vajpayee, while welcoming the sincere endeavours for peace, had desired for celebrating 1999 as the year of Kashmir settlement, he said. But the then army chief Pervez Musharraf foiled the efforts for settlement on Kashmir by sabotaging his popularly-elected democratic government, he added. He said that establishment of a PML-N government in AJK is the need of the hour and claimed that his party will win the June 26 elections. The PML-N government in AJK will enjoy full support of the Pakistani nation, he said. He vowed that after coming in to power in AJK, the PML-N will turn the liberated area into an economic hub through speeding up progress and prosperity. Elaborating his partys mass AJK development plan, Nawaz said that the means of communication will be expanded on modern lines to ensure the safe and comfortable traveling facilities to the people across AJK. He said that the proposed construction of motorway from AJKs city of Forward Kahota to Kotli will be the first project of the grand network establishment programme. He said that the election campaign of the PML (N) candidates contesting the scheduled June 26 AJK assembly elections was being launched under the same high spirit as was launched in the general elections in Pakistan. He said that on coming into power in Pakistan, the PML-N will resume the Yellow Cab-like broad-based projects of self-employment. He called upon the people of Pakistan and AJK to utilise all of their energies for the speedy progress, prosperity, security, sovereignty, solidarity and stability of Pakistan. Bitterly criticising the PPP-led government and the former military dictator Pervez Musharraf, the PML-N Quaid said that those who imposed martial law in the country were presented the guard of honour coupled with safe passage to flee the country. Nawaz reiterated the PML-N resolve to utilise all its energies and put sincere efforts to ensure the supremacy and law and constitution in the country in letter and spirit. Earlier, the PML-N chief and members of his entourage were accorded a rousing reception by the activists of AJK branch of PML-N on his arrival in Kotli city Thursday morning. The picturesque valley of Kotli, on this occasion, resounded with slogans of Pakistan Zinadbad and the PML-N Paendabad.