LAHORE Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has offered to resign if any intentional irregularity was detected in balloting of Green Tractor Scheme. Speaking at the Punjab Assembly floor during general discussion on budget for the fiscal year 2011-12 on Thursday, he said that the government started the scheme with positive intention and carried out computerised balloting to ensure transparency. Shahbaz Sharif said that possibilities of human error and mistake could not be ruled out but there was no question of any intentional irregularity in Green Tractor Scheme. In emotional tone, he defended Daanish Schools and Ashiyana Housing Scheme, saying that it was the first attempt to materialise the dreams of Quaid-i-Azam as so far well-equipped and managed institutions like Aitcheson and Lahore Grammar were reserved for the elite class and children of the poor could not even think to enter them. He said that Aashiyana Housing Scheme was for widows, orphans, families of martyrs and low-income people and this scheme would be at par with the societies of the elite with regard to basic amenities. He said the affluent who did not differentiate between the lawful and unlawful (means of earnings) and plunder the national wealth could afford to pay up to Rs2 million fees of private schools but ordinary citizens could not. Inviting the opposition leader to accompany him to a Daanish school, he said one could see that the children earlier unable to speak before officers and traders were now speaking English fluently. Responding to an interruption by the opposition about missing facilities in state-run schools, he said had the previous rulers not looted Rs 75 billion from the Bank of Punjab, the facilities could have been provided to all the schools. He said that corruption and Qabza mafia flourished during Musharraf era, Bank of Punjab was robbed of Rs 75 billion and developmental projects became a source of plunder while the looters were declared as the elite. He said that Punjab government evolved comprehensive public welfare polices during last three years which were implemented transparently. He said that a subsidy of Rs 2 billion was given under Green Tractor Scheme and tractors were provided to farmers through transparent balloting. He said that national resources were looted pitilessly on the pretext of development projects under the former government. He said that Lahore-Kasur Road project was evolved in 2006 at an estimated cost of Rs 5 billion. He said that when he visited this project in 2008, the project was in ruins owing to large scale corruption. But, he said, the present government transformed this graveyard into a monument to progress. He said that the House has the right to know the facts and it is his request to Speaker Punjab Assembly to form a committee to ascertain facts with regard to the project so that everything could become crystal clear. He said that the contractor who was awarded Lahore-Kasur Road project fled to Dubai with the funds while Musharraf and the rulers of the province of that time remained totally unperturbed. He said that Speaker Punjab Assembly should constitute a four- or five-member committee for inquiring into the robbery of Rs 75 billion in Bank of Punjab and it should submit its report within one month and in the light of it the culprits should be awarded due punishment. He assured that Bank of Punjab would provide all information and cooperation to the inquiry committee for this purpose. Referring to the point raised by the Q parliamentary leader Ch Zaheer, he said the government would provide state-of-the-art facilities in Aashyana. He, however, did not respond to the suggestions regarding setting up house committees to probe Sasti Roti Scheme, Food Stamp Programme and Green Tractor Scheme. Meanwhile, CM Shahbaz Sharif expressed grief and sorrow over the murder of deputy Director General Pakistan Sports Board Syed Ibrar Hussain.