This refers to the killing of an unarmed civilian at point blank range by the Sindh Rangers. The incident has caused uproar among the whole nation. I, literally, have no words to express my grief and sorrow over this brutal act. The footage of the incident, made by a photographer of Awaaz TV, is so shocking that one can hardly dare to see it more than once. But our media is so keen to play it after every ten minutes. I have really failed to understand the sense behind it. Last day, I got to know through a private TV channel that the victims mother happened to see the footage accidentally and fell unconscious for two hours. Isnt it playing with the emotions of his family, relatives and the whole nation? Isnt it a violation of human rights? I request all the TV channels, not to at least repeated show this brutality. SYEDA NAILA BATOOL, Rawalpindi, June 12.