LONDON - Pakistan is blocking food and water from reaching a remote base used by the US for its secret drones programme, severely hampering counter-terrorism strategy, according to a senior American official, reported Telegraph on Thursday. Both sides are now briefing against the other as hostility between the two countries grows more intense and more open day by day. A senior American official told The New York Times that supplies had been choked off to the airbase and that they were gradually 'strangling the alliance by making things difficult for the Americans in Pakistan. The drones programme, although never publicly acknowledged by the US and repeatedly condemned by Pakistan, is credited with killing a series of high-profile targets. In 2009, Baitullah Mehsud, leader of the Pakistan Taliban, was killed by a missile strike in South Waziristan. And two weeks ago, Ilyas Kashmiri, a key Al-Qaeda commander was reported dead after a drone attack. However, Pakistani military and civilian leaders have long criticised the raids, despite privately giving consent. The Army has already ordered more than 100 American military trainers to leave the country. Kayani struggles to keep his job: NYT Page 3